Endometriosis – Part 1

What is endometriosis?

It’s endometrial lining found outside the uterus. You can find it anywhere …. Tubes, ovaries, bowel, bladder, stomach, fats, skin, lungs, brain …. just anywhere.

Why does it appear everywhere?
2 possible reason.

1) Born with it. Some babies are born with it but without hormones, it is suppressed temporary. There are cases of newborns with endometriosis reported.

2) Period blood back flow. Uterus has 3 exits. Not all blood must flow out. Some can flow into the abdominal cavity via the tubes.

What stimulates endometriosis to grow? The female hormones that stimulates the endometrial lining in the uterus which gives us our period blood. So, endometriosis will be stimulated as long as we have our hormones and suppressed if no hormones.

Does pregnancy help?

Yes. Because pregnancy and breastfeeding, no hormones stimulating the endometrial lining and no period. But, it’s only temporary. Once the hormones and menses are back, it will come back.

Why is it common in women today? Because women today spend almost our entire fertile life menstruating. Women in the past are pregnant and breastfeeding continuously.

A typical woman in the past only had 30 to 50 menstrual cycle. A typical woman today gets 300 to 400 menstrual cycle!

So, if you happen to have endometriosis since birth, it is suppressed until you start menstruating. And you will stimulate it’s growth 300 to 400 times in your lifetime once you start having menses. That’s why, from one small , tiny endometriosis, it will eventually grow bigger and bigger. Also, spread more and more. If you have back flow of menstrual blood, you will have back flow 300 to 400 times. Eventually, a cyst would form. Eventually, more and more endometriosis.

One concept that most women with endometriosis should understand is that your menses is your enemy. There’s a wrong concept that every month period is good for you, especially in our community. It’s wrong because women are not supposed to have menses every month. We are supposed to be pregnant and breastfeeding continuously.