Lactation Clinic

Lactation Clinic

This is a clinic run by Lactation Counsellors and Consultants. This team of experts will assess your breastfeeding practices and the way your baby feed and try to help you solve all your issues.

Whether you have failed to breastfeed despite trying, or have been breastfeeding but not to your expectation or never breastfed before but wish to start breastfeeding, this team of breastfeeding experts can help you.

Common problems that need help at our clinic are :

  • latching difficulties
  • Painful nursing
  • Low milk production
  • Want to re-lactate
  • Adopting a baby and wish to breastfeed
  • Baby with poor weight gain

Make an appointment today to our Lactation Clinic, we will arrange a Lactation Counsellor or Consultant for you.