Postnatal Home Visit

Postnatal Home Visit

A complete postnatal home visit care.

Postnatal period is a life changing period with lots of hurdles. 

We provide the most complete postnatal home visit by qualified nurses under the care of my Paediatrician, Dr Cheong Wai Hoong and Obstetrician, Dr Tan Ee Ping.

Services included in our home visit:

  • Mother: Wound check, Blood Pressure, Uterus check, Breastfeeding guidance, Breast massage and mother well-being.
  • Baby: Baby bath, Umbilicus check, Jaundice check, baby massage and baby well-being.

Additional add-on services:

  • Tube feeding if insufficient breast milk
  • Home-based phototherapy if high levels of jaundice
  • Postpartum counselling and therapy for postnatal blues and depression.