HypnoBirthing is as much as a philosophy of birth as it is a technique for achieving a satisfying, relaxing and stress free method of birthing.


Through self-hypnosis, special breathing and visualization, HypnoBirthing teaches you to release all prior programming about birth, how to trust your body and work with it, as well as how to free yourself of harmful emotions that lead to pain and tension without the need of medication.


HypnoBirthing will teach you the art of using your own natural birthing instincts. With HypnoBirthing, you will not be in a trance or a sleep state. You will be aware and fully in control but profoundly relaxed.


The Advantages of HypnoBirthing:

  • Reduces the need for other pain relief.
  • Less use of vacuum and forceps.
  • Mother alert, fresh, awake and energetic.
  • Better bonding and better breastfeeding success.
  • Better oxygen supply to baby.
  • Reduces the need for episiotomy.
  • Gives birth companion a role.
  • Less need for Caesarean delivery.
  • Teaches breathing techniques that allow a woman to gently breathe her baby into the world without the violence of hard, physical pushing