A complete class to prepare couples towards birth, breastfeeding and newborn care. Among some of the special features of this class are:

There will be tips on how to ensure a natural birth and strategies to avoid a caesarean birth.

Next, there will be an introduction to HypnoBirthing and explanation on how HypnoBirthing can ensure a comfortable birth. There will also be case sharing by some mothers on how HypnoBirthing changed their births.

Third, the magical ‘3 big rules’ in breastfeeding. The 3 rules, that once you follow, a successful breastfeeding journey is guaranteed.

Fourth, explanation on Mother-friendly care concept introduced by WHO and the effects on breastfeeding by the way you birth. Many mothers do not realise that one of the reason they struggle to breastfeed was due to the birth practices. Practice of Mother-friendly care concept during labour, birth and immediately after birth ensures a smooth breastfeeding journey.

Fifth, ways to prevent jaundice after birth. A very common problem that causes a lot of distress among new parents. And, it’s actually preventable.

Finally, baby massage demonstration.


  • Labour and childbirth
  • Getting the birth you want – Can we prevent Caesarean Section?
  • Pain Relief in labour – The role of HypnoBirthing
  • Tips to successful breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding Techniques & Skill
  • Strategies to prevent neonatal jaundice
  • Care of Newborn & Mother
  • Antenatal exercises & Care of Postnatal Mother